Enjoy complete control over how your online shop will look with our comprehensive customisation options.

Use your own domain name

Create your own unique branding and colour scheme

Fully editable content pages




Catwalk and product detail videos

Enhanced navigation and advanced search




Give your customers the ability to check out and pay for an order online.

Enable shopping cart

Accept payment via Opayo & PayPal

Customise delivery options

Manage customer orders




Simple 3 step ordering process

Specify decoration type, garment positioning and any additional requirements

Confirm order or request quotation



All Web Shops come preloaded with the full Ralawise catalogue. Any changes to Ralawise product data are reflected on your webshop meaning that you can spend less time administering your webshop and more time selling product!

Up to the minute product information, images and videos

Choose brands and categories

Display Ralawise stock availability

Self-managing product catalogue

Flexible pricing logic


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Q Can I embed YourWebShop into my existing website?
A Yes absolutely. We have created a theme which is perfect for embedding onto an existing website. Our online help files will guide you through the set up process. Your website will need to be at least 940px wide to embed YourWebShop.
Q Is there a blog feature?
A There isn’t currently a blog feature, however YourWebShop allows you to add up to 6 additional fully editable content pages. You could use one of these pages as a news / updates / blog-like area, which you can update as often as you like.
Q Is YourWebShop compatible with mobile and tablet devices?
A YourWebShop is compatible with both mobile and tablet devices. It won’t however resize content for mobile and provide a responsive experience.
Q Can I start with the basic package and upgrade to pro?
A You can start out on the basic plan and upgrade to pro or vice versa. We will simply alter your direct debit amount and amend your permissions accordingly.
Q Can Ralawise help me with setup of YourWebShop?
A We have created a comprehensive online help guide that will guide you through setting up YourWebShop. Our support team are also available on weekdays between 9.00am and 5.30pm should you require further assistance.
Q Is there a minimum contract term for YourWebShop?
A The minimum contract term for YourWebShop is 12 months. There is however a 30 day cooling off period should you decide that YourWebShop is not suitable. Please note that the initial set up charge of £50 is non-refundable.
Q How do I pay for YourWebShop?
A You can choose to pay annually or by monthly direct debit. A 15% discount is available on either package should you wish to pay annually.
Q Should I embed YourWebShop in my existing website or run it as a standalone website with its own domain name?
A There are inherent advantages to running YourWebShop as a standalone website as opposed to embedding it on an existing website. These include:
  • Greater potential for SEO. Each page on YourWebShop will have its own unique page title, meta description and meta keywords.
  • Ability to share pages via social media and other platforms
You can choose to embed YourWebShop in an existing website if you wish to maintain a more integrated look and feel. Our help guides will guide you through this process.
Q How can I drive traffic to my web shop?
A There are a number of strategies that you can utilise for driving traffic to YourWebShop. These include:
  • Utilising the built in SEO tools and custom content pages to create unique and relevant content
  • Integrating YourWebShop with the various social media platforms
  • Targeting existing customer databases via email marketing
  • Using online advertising tools such as Google Adwords
Q Does YourWebShop come with its own hosted email address?
A Although Ralawise provide hosting for the WebShop itself, a hosted email address is not supplied. Order confirmations will be sent directly to your own email address.
Q Can I use my own domain name?
A Yes you can! Our online help files will guide you through the process of pointing your domain name at YourWebShop.
Q Can I add my own content pages?
A Yes you can! YourWebShop allows you to add up to 6 fully editable content pages. The content editor allows you to add text/imagery and format its position on page. Alternatively, should you wish to apply a more complex design, you can insert HTML code directly.
Q Can I change the colour scheme?
A You can change the colour of the header, footer, menus, category/brand results, product container, text and site background.
Q Can I upload my own banners?
A Yes you can! The homepage uses a simple content editor that allows you to upload images and link them to pages on YourWebShop. Alternatively, you can choose to display Ralawise generated banners which are updated weekly.
Q Can I add my own products?
A Due to YourWebShop’s integration with our main website (shop.ralawise.com) it is not possible to add your own products or edit products. You can of course exclude any brands or categories that are not required. If you wish to promote other products outside of the Ralawise Catalogue, it is possible to display imagery/detail for these products in a custom content page.
Q Can I disable print or embroidery methods on YourWebShop?
A Yes, you can choose whether you want to offer print, embroidery or both. You can also remove the option to personalise specific products if required.
Q Can my customers choose more than one location to decorate per garment?
A Absolutely! You can specify the maximum number of locations that can be decorated.
Q Can my customers view a visual representation of decorated products prior to purchasing?
A The personalisation tool doesn’t provide your customer with a visual of decorated products. You can of course make use of our collection of product imagery to create proofs and send to your customers for approval.
Q Can my customers pay for personalised garments?
A Yes they can! We have recently added functionality that allows you to add your own pricing for personalised products. For example, you may wish to add a specific price for left breast printed logos and a different price for embroidered caps. You can also charge set-up fees to cover any one off costs e.g. artwork digitisation. This in turn will allow you to take payment for personalised products. Alternatively, you can disable payments and just receive quotation requests through YourWebShop.
Q Which payment solutions integrate with YourWebShop?
A PayPal and Opayo.
Q Can I accept both credit card and debit card payments?
A Yes you can! Opayo allows you to accept Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro and many other payment methods. For full details, please visit the Opayo website.
Q Do my customers need a PayPal account?
A Your customers will need to login to their PayPal account if they choose this payment method. For more information about processing payments through PayPal, please visit the PayPal website.
Q How is stock updated when a customer purchases stock from YourWebShop?
A Stock is updated in accordance with Ralawise stock levels. This will be updated every 60 seconds.
Q Is there any limit on the number of orders I can process through YourWebShop?
A Unlike other solutions, there is no limit on the number of orders you can process through YourWebShop! There are no additional charges applied per transaction either.
Q I have embedded YourWebShop in my existing website. Is it possible to integrate the YourWebShop shopping cart with my existing checkout system?
A It isn’t possible to integrate the shopping cart of YourWebShop with any other checkout system cart e.g. Open Cart, Shopify
Q How does the ordering process work when I receive an order on my webshop?
A Orders on YourWebShop are not automatically fulfilled by Ralawise. You will need to place the order through our website (shop.ralawise.com). We can of course ship the order directly to your customer if required.
Q How am I notified when a customer places an order?
A You will be notified via email every time you receive an order. The ‘Orders’ section of the administration displays the full detail of the order, including a ‘Download Logo’ function if your customer has uploaded artwork to the order.
Q How can I price products on YourWebShop?
A YourWebShop offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to pricing products. Using a system of price rules, you can apply different levels of markup/margin depending on the product’s value, brand or category.
Q Can I run promotions / offers?
A Absolutely. You may for example wish to offer a discount on all t-shirts. In this case, you would create a price rule for the category ‘t-shirts’ with a lower margin/mark-up. Once the promotion ends, simply delete the price rule and prices will revert back to normal.
Q Can I trade in different currencies using YourWebShop?
A The default currency for YourWebShop is the same as that of your shop.ralawise.com account. It is possible to trade in different currencies however you won’t be able to accept payment via Opayo or PayPal.
Q Can I hide pricing?
A Yes. You can hide pricing altogether, or just hide certain price tiers (single, pack or carton).


  • World-class, resilient hosting in the cloud on fully redundant, enterprise-grade architecture
  • Load-balanced front-end web servers to deliver your site efficiently and reliably
  • Clustered database servers with fail-over redundancy to hold your data securely
  • Protected from attack by dual firewall configuration
  • Integrates with PCI Level 1 Certified credit card payment providers
  • Automatic backup of all content, design and data ensuring full recoverability
  • Scalable N+1 infrastructure housed in an ISO-Accredited data centre with 24/7 OS and hardware support






Ralawise Discount
£349 / €499
per year (ex. VAT)
£499 / €649
per year (ex. VAT)


Initial set up and
admin fee £50/€65
£35 / €45
per month (ex. VAT)
£55 / €65
per month (ex. VAT)
Full Ralawise Catalogue
Customise Your Web shop
Advanced Search & Navigation
Advanced Pricing Logic
Hide Categories/Brands
Custom Content Pages
High Res Imagery/Catwalk Videos
Embed within an Existing Website
Enable Shopping Cart and Receive Quote
Stock Settings
Receive PayPal or Credit Card Payments
Garment Personalisation Tool
Promo Codes
Login Functionality
Saved Billing and Delivery Addresses
Custom Delivery Options